PUD Employees Donate $855 to Food Bank

Several PUD employess gathered to hear the results of the food drive.

April 25, 2013 – Columbia River PUD employees donated $855 to Columbia Pacific Food Bank this week.

The donations were collected during the PUD’s annual one-day food drive. During the food drive, each department competes as a group for the honor of being recognized as the top givers. This year’s top givers were from the Information Technology Department, where employees contributed an average of $34 each.

“We’ve heard how donations to the food bank drop off after the holidays, and we wanted to do something about that,” said GIS Analyst Darin Smith. “We were all really motivated to pitch in.”

Several PUD employees gathered to hear the results of the food drive, including everyone in the Information Technology Department, which had the highest average donations of all the participants.

CPFB accepts donations of cash, food, and other household products. For every dollar donated, CPFB is able to distribute about five pounds of food. Cash donations can be made through PayPal by visiting the CPFB website at www.cpfoodbank.org.

CPFB partners with programs such as community meal sites, emergency food pantries, senior meal sites, the Women’s Resource Center and several other non-profits to feed the hungry throughout Columbia County.

“Community support is more important than ever to Columbia Pacific Food Bank and our partner agencies,” said CPFB Executive Director Tracie Smith. “The only way we can continue to support our partner agencies during these tough times is with the help of groups like the PUD’s employees. I’m thankful for their donations, because no one should be hungry.”