Customer Claim for Damages

Upon your request, we will submit a claim to our insurance company on your behalf. To evaluate your claim, they must determine how the incident happened, the root cause of the incident, and the extent of damages to customer property. You can help us expedite your claim submission by completing the form as thoroughly as possible, and by enclosing appropriate photographs and supporting documents. You should retain copies of all receipts so you can provide full and accurate documentation of your loss and damages.

Along with the information you provide, we will submit any documentation from the PUD related to the incident.

Upon receipt, our insurance company will evaluate the information and contact you regarding their determination.

You may also submit your claim to your own insurance carrier.

Section 5 of Columbia River PUD General Terms and Conditions

Interruption of Electric Service

5.1  The PUD shall use reasonable care and diligence to provide an adequate supply of Energy to all Customers. The PUD does not guarantee uninterrupted service and shall not be liable for personal injuries, property damages, or any other loss or consequential damages resulting from failure to provide Electric Service due to acts of nature or causes reasonably beyond the PUD’s control; nor will such failure constitute a breach of agreement for Electric Service.

5.2  The PUD shall not be liable for any injury loss or damage resulting from power outages due to storm, lightning, system failure, trees, vehicle accidents, low voltage, voltage spikes (power surges) or single phasing.

5.3  The PUD may interrupt Electric Service to any Customer, without notification, for the protection of life or property, for making repairs, changes or improvements in any part of its system for the general good of the service or safety of the public, or when in the PUD’s sole judgment such interruption will prevent or alleviate a condition that jeopardizes the integrity of the PUD system, or will generally aid in the restoration of service.

5.4  Customers should attempt to determine if an outage is due to their equipment before calling the PUD. If the PUD sends out an Employee at the Customer’s request, and the PUD determines that the Customer’s equipment is at fault, a fee may be charged for the trouble call in accordance with Rate Schedule 90 – Miscellaneous Charges and Fees.

Section 21.1.2 of Columbia River PUD General Terms and Conditions

The PUD shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to persons or property resulting from defects beyond the Point of Delivery, or the Customer’s installation of equipment for the delivery of Electric Service.

The Point of Delivery is further defined as: “The interconnection point at which the PUD’s Electric Service is attached to the Customer’s electric system without regard to voltage, the location of the PUD’s meter, transformer or other apparatus, unless otherwise designated by a Special Contract.”

To submit a claim, please download this form and return to Columbia River PUD. Please submit your claim form via email, fax, or mail to:


Fax: (503) 397-5215

Mail: Columbia River PUD
Attn: Administration Dept.
PO Box 1193
St. Helens, OR 97051