Energy Education In Schools

We are not currently offering classroom presentations. During the pandemic, we produced three videos for use in our local classrooms.

Renewable Hydropower

Science of Electricity

Electrical Safety

Please check back for any updates to our schools program. Past presentations included:

Field engineers test a students hydropower design.

  • Renewable Hydropower – During this presentation, students will learn about atoms and how they relate to electricity. They’ll be given an easy-to-understand explanation of how hydropower is produced at dams and why it is a valuable renewable energy resource. Students will be put into 5 teams to build small turbines using various materials. They will then test the turbines by pouring water over them to see which is most effective in producing electricity.Two staff members give an electrical safety demonstration using Zapsville.
  • Electricity Science and Safety – In the first half of this presentation, students will learn what electricity is, where it comes from and how it travels to us. They will be put into 8 teams to construct simple circuits using batteries and light bulbs. They will gain an understanding of closed and open circuits, and insulators and conductors. The second half will focus on how to stay safe around electricity both in and outdoors. Our electrical safety display will be used to educate students on hazardous electrical situations outside and how to prevent them. The crackle of high voltage electrical arcs will reinforce the safety messages we want them to learn and share with their families.

Teacher Feedback

Here are some comments we received from teachers who had these presentations done in their classrooms:
  • “I am very happy that they came to visit. Will schedule next year for sure!”
  • “Loved it! The kids were so excited!”
  • “Thank you so much for this awesome experience!”
  • “The presenters kept the students engaged with questions and they loved the safety demonstration.”
  • “Very fun and engaging, challenging enough, and loved the hands-on!”
  • “The Renewable Hydropower presentation was a perfect way for us to understand how the turbines at Bonneville work.”