Please Don’t Hang Anything on Utility Poles

Signs attached to utility pole, with red X to indicate this is not allowed.aWe know it is tempting to hang signs, basketball hoops, and other items on our utility poles, but there are good reasons why you shouldn’t:

1. Attachments endanger our employees who climb poles.

A tiny puncture in a worker’s gloves can expose him to electric shock, causing serious injury or death.

2.  Attachments damage poles.

When the sealed outer layers of a pole are pierced, moisture and insects creep in and cause damage that shortens the life of the pole, increasing maintenance costs.

3. We risk fines.

The National Electrical Safety Code prohibits these types of pole attachments. We risk fines from the Oregon Public Utility Commission when prohibited items are attached to our poles.

Thank you for helping us to maintain a safe, reliable electricity distribution system.