Contractor Testing Utility Poles

October 21, 2014 – Columbia River PUD customers in Scappoose and Warren might notice someone looking at utility poles in their area. The PUD has contracted with Mi-Tech Services, Inc. to inspect, test and treat utility poles to determine if the poles are in good condition or in need of replacement.

According to PUD Engineering & Operations Manager Steve Hursh, the pole testing effort is part of the PUD’s maintenance program, which helps to ensure that the PUD’s distribution system is safe and reliable. The PUD tests 2,000 poles in its service area each year.

“This program is a cost-effective way for us to extend the life of the poles, reduce costs, and to identify poles that are in need of replacement before they become a safety hazard,” said Hursh.

Mi-Tech Services, Inc. began testing poles for the PUD this week and should finish up in December.

Mi-Tech Services, Inc. representatives have PUD issued photo ID badges and PUD signs on their vehicles. Customers who have questions about the pole testing program or who want to verify the identity of a PUD contractor should call the PUD office at (503) 397-1844.