Plant Trees Safely

Shovel digging grassTrees enhance our quality of life and beautify our homes and neighborhoods. Yet improperly selected or sited trees can cause problems.

Storms bring trees and limbs down on power lines, disrupting service and creating hazardous conditions. Even in good weather, a tree growing too close to power lines can endanger lives.

We work hard to provide you reliable electric service. You can help by following a few simple guidelines when managing the trees on your property.

Choose the Right Tree

Ask your local nursery for help in selecting species or varietals. They can suggest choices that are appropriate for your landscape and climate.

Cherry blossoms

Plant Trees to Reduce Energy Costs

  • Plant leaf-bearing trees to the west of your home to reduce summer cooling costs.
  • Site evergreens and shrubs where they will block cold winter winds.
  • Plant trees more than 30 feet away from power lines, including your overhead service line, if you have one.

Power Friendly Tree Varieties

  • Amur Maple
  • Vine Maple
  • Japanese Snowbell
  • Goldenrain
  • Golden Desert Ash
  • Mt. Fuji Cherry
  • Japanese Tree Lilac
  • Flowering Plum
  • Serviceberry

Keep Your Trees Hazard-Free

Prune trees when they are young, and regularly thereafter if necessary. Inspect your trees seasonally. Look for dead limbs, forked trunks, signs of decay, leaning or lopsided trees, and branches growing into the power lines. Dead or diseased trees should be removed or replaced.

If a tree is growing near power lines, ask us to trim it for you.