EV Level 2 Charger Rebate

You can refuel your electric vehicle with a Level 2 Charger for a fraction of the cost of gasoline, and never have to go to the gas station again.

Save Money on FuelA white electric vehicle is plugged in to a charger.

With our low residential electric rates, customers who drive electric vehicles can save up to 75% on fuel costs compared to gasoline-fueled vehicles. Compare fuel costs between your current vehicle and a new EV.

Fill Up While You’re Asleep

Plug in your vehicle when you get home and it will be fully charged by the time you leave in the morning. It typically takes 4-6 hours for a Level 2 Charger to deliver a full charge, which can drive most EVs 150-300 miles.

Use Clean Energy

Our electricity is 96% carbon-free. Vehicles that run on CRPUD power use fewer fossil fuels than traditional gas-powered vehicles.

Program Specifics

Fill out the Electric Vehicle Level 2 Charger Rebate Form and return.

Rebate amount is $250.

Limit of one per physical location.

Charger must be rated for 208/240 volts or greater, and 16 amps or greater.

If you have any questions, contact Energy Services & Facilities Manager Tim Lammers by email or at (503) 397-8155.