Standard Electric Water Heaters

We pay rebates for electric tank style water heaters used in commercial spaces, provided the model is found on BPA’s Commercial Electric Water Heaters Qualified Products List.

To receive a $50 rebate, please submit a copy of your invoice to the PUD. The invoice should show:

  • The address where the water heater is installed.
  • The name of the water heater’s manufacturer and the model number.
  • The installed cost.
  • The order or purchase date.

Please include your contact information with the invoice.

You may submit the information to us by email, fax it to us at (503) 397-5215 or you may mail it to:

Columbia River PUD
Energy Experts
PO Box 1193
St. Helens, OR 97051

The rebate amount will be credited to your PUD account.