Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Most people don’t think about their water heater until they have no hot water or a giant puddle from a leaky tank. Then they have to think fast: repair or replace.

We suggest thinking about your water heater’s role in your energy bill. Switching to a heat pump water heater can cut your water heating energy costs by up to 60%. Heat pump water heaters are twice as efficient as standard electric water heaters. Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from the air and transfer it, at a higher temperature, into the tank to heat the water.

Our Heat Pump Water Heater Program provides rebates and quality assurance to PUD customers who install qualified models.

How Does it Work?

Hot Water Heater Diagram

Program Requirements

Rebate Amounts

  • $300 rebate for qualifying Tier 1 HPWH
  • $500 rebate for qualifying Tier 2 and above HPWH

For More information

Our Energy Experts can answer your questions, explain installation and rebate requirements, and provide a list of qualifying models before your installation. Contact them at (503) 366-5470 or  for more information.