Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting is essential for commercial properties. LED fixtures can provide bright, reliable lighting for parking areas, perimeters, entrances, stairwells, loading docks, common areas and exteriors.

LED Security Lighting: 

  • Uses up to 70% less energy.
  • Is durable enough for outdoor use.
  • Lasts much longer than traditional lighting, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Has no ultraviolet emissions, so they don’t attract insects.

PUD Program Benefits

  • Rebates for qualifying, pre-approved replacement LED security lights.
  • Assistance selecting qualifying products.
  • Calculation of simple payback and energy savings.

Eligible Customers

Commercial and industrial facilities served by the PUD.

Project Steps

  1. We partner with Efficiency Services Group (ESG) to bring you this rebate program. Please call ESG at (888) 883-9879 or email ESG to request an assessment of your existing lighting.
  2. An ESG representative will meet with you to review your existing lighting, explain how the program works and answer any questions you may have. This step is important! There are many of styles of LED lighting available, and not all of them qualify for our rebate program. Please contact ESG before beginning your project.
  3. Solicit proposals from licensed electrical contractors.
  4. Select a proposal and send it to us for review. We will send you an agreement that must be signed before the project commences.
  5. Notify us when the project is complete. We will inspect the installation of your new LED lighting, collect the required documentation from you, and process your rebate.

Rebate Requirements

  • We must complete a pre-work lighting assessment and a post-work inspection.
  • The installed equipment must meet program requirements and specifications.
  • The rebate items listed must be installed and operational.
  • The project must achieve a 25% or greater watt reduction.
  • Rebates cannot exceed 50% of the actual cost of the energy saving measures.