Free Pre-Rinse Sprayers

Pre Rinse Sprayer

Energy-efficient pre-rinse sprayers have the potential to save you hundreds of dollars per year on water, sewer, and energy costs, depending on how much you use them.

The PUD has a limited supply of free energy-efficient pre-rinse sprayers for qualifying commercial facilities.

Eligible Customers

This program is available to commercial customers who receive electric service from Columbia River PUD and who have electrically heated water.

To receive the pre-rinse spray valve, you must be a dishwashing facility that uses your existing spray valve regularly, every day of business.

How to Sign Up

Contact our Energy Experts at (503) 397-8155 or by email. We will schedule an appointment for a representative to deliver the sprayer to your business.

Calculate Potential Cost Savings

This calculator allows you to estimate the cost savings associated with low-flow pre-rinse sprayers and shower-heads using your specific usage habits. You can enter your electric rate from your monthly PUD statement. If you’re unsure of your rate, you can look it up on our rates page.