Connected Thermostats

Connected ThermostatBy replacing a non-web-enabled thermostat with a web-connected thermostat, non-residential customers with electric and gas heating systems can save energy. Savings result from the thermostat’s ability to program operating schedules, temperature set-points, and supply-fan operation during unoccupied periods.

We pay a $150 rebate for upgrading a non-web-enabled thermostat in commercial spaces to a Connected Thermostat. Non-electric heat sources are also eligible for this program.

To be eligible, the new Connected Thermostat must be found on BPA’s Qualified Products List (QPL) and a Connected Thermostat Project Information Form must be completed and submitted to the PUD.

Thermostat Requirements

Products that are on the QPL meet these requirements and specifications:

  • Limited duration occupied-period override.
  • Multiple set-back schedules with energy-saving temperature set-points during unoccupied periods including evenings, holidays and breaks.
  • The supply fan is scheduled to operate continuously during occupied periods, and to operate in ‘auto’ mode during unoccupied periods.
  • Remote, web-based monitoring and programming.
  • Battery and memory back-up to retain settings during power or internet losses.

For More Information

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