Additional Commercial Measures

Smart Power Strips

Commercial office settings that install Smart Power Strips can receive a rebate of $15 each. These devices must automatically switch off power to peripheral plug loads (such as printers, copiers, task lights, and phone battery chargers). Without the strip, these devices would draw power even when they’re not being used.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Commercial Clothes Washers

Row of Washing MachinesCustomers installing ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers in laundromats can receive a rebate with amounts depending on the fuel source of the water heater and clothes dryer. Customers who install ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers and dryers in a common area of a multi-family housing complex can also qualify for a PUD rebate with amounts also depending on the fuel source of the water heater and clothes dryer.

Commercial Showerheads

Hospitality buildings (motels), health care facilities, fitness centers, and other small commercial facilities including office showers can receive an $11 rebate for installing a shower head with a flow rate of 2.0 or fewer gallons per minute, regardless of water heater type. Before purchasing shower heads, check with us to see if there are any available directly from us for free.

Generator Block Heaters

Besides saving energy, installing forced-circulation block heaters with a pump on generators has been found to provide better block temperature control and less extreme temperatures, possibly extending hose lifetimes, reducing maintenance costs, and improving generator reliability.

  • The forced-circulation Generator Block Heater must replace a thermo-siphon, electric-resistance block heater.
  • The generator or engine must be stationary and fixed.
  • The installation must be performed by a manufacturer-certified installer.
  • A Generator Block Heater Project Information Form must be completed and submitted to PUD.

Vehicle Block Heater Controls

This measure is available to commercial customers who use engine block heaters during cold months; fleet vehicles that are regularly parked in the same location are good candidates.

To be eligible for the PUD’s rebate, Vehicle Block Heater Controls must be hard-wired, either in the form of a dedicated controlled outlet that the engine block heater is plugged in to, or controls that are installed directly on the engine block heater. Controls that are portable and can be unplugged such as extension cord models do not qualify.

Controls must keep block heaters off when the ambient air temperature is above the temperature setting and deliver only as much heat as necessary when the temperature drops below the setting. A Project Information Form must be completed and submitted to PUD.

Variable Frequency Drives in Small Compressed Air Systems

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) installed on a single air compressor that is 75 horsepower or smaller could be eligible for a PUD rebate. Information about each project will be entered into a calculator to determine the resulting estimated energy savings and rebate amount.

Expert Help Available

We partner with Efficiency Services Group (ESG) to bring you these energy efficiency programs. Please call ESG at (888) 883-9879 or email ESG to learn more.