Efficiency Programs for New Site-Built Homes

New Site-Built Homes Efficiency Programs Flyer (PDF)

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your new home. We offer a $500 rebate for high-efficiency heat pumps with an HSPF of at least 9.0 and a SEER of at least 14.0. For standard efficiency heat pumps we offer a $300 rebate.

Appliance Rebates

We offer rebates ranging from $20 to $50 on the purchase of Energy Star qualified clothes washers and dryers. Download an Appliance Rebate Application (PDF).

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Would you like to save on your water heating costs by up to 60%? A heat pump water heater may be right for you. Our program provides rebates and qualify assurance to PUD customers who install qualified models. Rebates are $300-$500 based on efficiency.  Download program information.