Efficiency Programs for New Manufactured Homes

Buying a new manufactured home is an exciting process. Our efficiency programs that will help you reduce electric use and make your new home more comfortable, all while conserving natural resources. These programs are available to residential customers of Columbia River PUD.

ENERGY STAR® Manufactured Homes

If you’re in the market for a new manufactured home, you should consider a home with the ENERGY STAR certification. ENERGY STAR qualified homes provide comfort and energy efficiency that is unsurpassed in the manufactured home industry. We offer a cash incentive to customers who purchase new, electrically heated ENERGY STAR manufactured homes.

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Heat Pumps

A heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your home. We offer rebates for the installation of energy-efficient air-source and geothermal heat pump systems. Qualified heat pump systems must meet our rigorous specifications, designed to ensure efficient and long-lasting installations. You must apply for your rebate prior to proceeding with your heat pump installation.

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Duct Sealing

Leaky ductwork increases your heating and cooling bills and reduces indoor air quality.  Our duct sealing program provides a $200 rebate to customers with electrically heated manufactured homes when they have their ducts sealed by a Performance Tested Comfort System (PTCS) Certified Technician.

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Appliance Rebates

We offer rebates on the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers and dryers. As a nationally recognized symbol for energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR label identifies the highest efficiency products available for your home.

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