Rainier Levee Project Receives PUD Grant

Harry Price presents a check to Terry Deaton in front of the Don Nys Substation.
Columbia River PUD Board Member Harry Price presents Rainier Drainage Improvement Company Secretary Terry Deaton with a check for the PUD’s Economic Development Grant.

March 7, 2019 – Columbia River PUD’s Board of Directors awarded an Economic Development Grant of $7,500 to the Rainier Drainage Improvement Company during their February meeting.

The money will be used by RDIC to recertify the Rainier levee. Total cost for Phase 2 of the certification project is $272,966. In addition to CRPUD, funds have been committed by Biz Oregon, Port of Columbia County, and the City of Rainier.

Certification of the levee prevents the land in the Rainier Drainage District from being remapped into a flood zone. The levee extends five miles along the Columbia River, from the City of Rainier to Rinearson Slough. The land in the district is home to several businesses.

“I am wholeheartedly in support of this. That’s a big part of Rainier’s economic development,” said CRPUD Board Member Craig Melton.

Business owners inside the Rainier Drainage District would be negatively impacted by the high cost of flood insurance if the levee was not recertified. New businesses would also be adversely affected by increased construction costs.

“It’s a really appropriate grant request and an appropriate thing for CRPUD to do,” said PUD Board Member Rob Mathers. “This flood insurance matter, it can really impact businesses appreciably. I’m all in favor of this.”

The Board voted 5-0 in favor of awarding the grant.

CRPUD’s Economic Development Grant is designed to promote investment in long-term economic development and growth of business and industry within the CRPUD service area for the benefit of the local community and CRPUD customers. It is available to nonprofit corporations for projects meeting certain considerations and requirements.

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