PUD’s ‘Community Heroes’ Program will Honor Volunteers Every Month

January 10, 2017 – Columbia River People’s Utility District wants to find the motivators, the volunteers, and the heroes in Columbia County – all of the individuals who go above and beyond to make our community a better place.

Beginning this month, the PUD will recognize a different Community Hero each month. Every month will have its own specific criteria, but the overarching theme of the program is the same: To encourage volunteerism and to recognize those who donate their time to enhance our community.

The categories for 2017 are:

  • January – Who inspires you?
  • February – Seniors making a difference
  • March – Community & economic development champions
  • April – Community gardens & community beautification volunteers
  • May – Students helping in the community
  • June – Helping those with special needs
  • July – Community festival organizers
  • August – Dog days of summer (volunteering with animals/pets)
  • September – Emergency responders
  • October – Health awareness advocates
  • November – Veterans supporters
  • December – Community charity champion

PUD customers are invited to submit nominations for consideration for any category, all year long. Nominations may be made online at www.crpud.net/hero, or by submitting a written nomination to the PUD office

Submissions for January must be received by January 16th at midnight. Submission forms can be found online at  www.crpud.net/hero. Nominations may also be made by answering the questions found in the Criteria section below and emailing them to , along with the nominee’s name and contact information.
The PUD’s Community Involvement Team will select finalists, using the following criteria:

  • What makes this person stand out?
  • What has this person done to go above & beyond?
  • What measurable effect has this person had on the community?
  • How many years has this person participated in a certain organization?
  • How many hours (estimated) do they contribute weekly/monthly/annually?
  • What groups, organizations or events is this person involved with?

Customers will be invited to vote each month through a poll on the CRPUD website.

The PUD will work with the award recipients to create a short video explaining why they devote their time and energy to their specific cause. The person who nominates the recipient will also be filmed telling people why they made their nomination.

For more information about the Community Hero program, contact Community & Public Relations Specialist Kyle Boggs at (503) 366-3243 or kbo@crpud.org.