9. Application for Electric Service

9.1 Each prospective Customer may apply for Electric Service either in person, on the PUD website, or by telephone. The PUD may, at its discretion, request an application for Electric Service be made in person with an acceptable form of valid photo identification. The delivery of Electric Service by the PUD and its acceptance by the Customer shall be deemed to constitute an agreement and acceptance of the PUD’s established Rate Schedules and General Terms.

9.2 For large Energy users or Customers with special Electric Service conditions, the PUD may require a Special Contract before service is energized. No Special Contract, or any modification thereof, shall be binding upon the PUD until executed by its Board or its designee.

9.3 All prerequisites required by the PUD of the Customer must be satisfied before the Electric Service will be energized.

9.4 All new or existing service equipment must comply with the requirements of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), the National Electric Code (NEC), and PUD standards before the Electric Service will be energized.

9.5 Electric Service will not be connected (and existing Electric Service may be subject to disconnection) should a Customer owe a delinquent balance while residing at any PUD service address. Rotation of family members’ names or roommates’ names to avoid payment for service provided is not permitted. In such circumstances, all outstanding charges must be paid in full prior to connection or to avoid disconnection. New Customers may be required to provide proof of residence at a previous address.