6. Right of Access

6.1 As a condition of providing Electric Service, the PUD shall be granted all necessary permission, rights-of-way, and easements over the Customer’s property and the PUD or its agents shall have the right to enter upon the Customer’s property as reasonably required for the purposes of reading, testing, maintaining, or repairing meters; trimming trees or removing vegetation near PUD equipment; and inspecting, repairing, maintaining, removing, or replacing PUD equipment. If any PUD equipment is located within a locked enclosure or behind a locked gate, the PUD shall be furnished with a key for access, or may use reasonable means necessary to access PUD equipment.

6.2 Unrestrained animals present a serious safety threat to PUD Employees. Should a Customer’s animal inhibit or prohibit an Employee’s access to the premises, or interfere in any way with an Employee’s necessary work, the Customer shall be notified by mail of the problem and a mutually agreeable permanent solution must be arranged promptly. If a Customer does not comply with such a request, the PUD may disconnect service without further notice.

6.3 PUD equipment shall not be enclosed or obstructed by fences, landscaping, walls, or other structures in any manner that prohibits access to the PUD equipment, whether intended to secure the Customer’s property or premises, or otherwise. The PUD shall have the right to refuse to provide Electric Service to any premises where such conditions exist. Service may also be disconnected under Section 17 if the Customer does not remove upon request by the PUD any obstructions that are discovered by the PUD after Electric Service has been connected.

6.4 In the case where the PUD determines that any enclosed or obstructed PUD equipment presents a safety hazard or emergency condition, the PUD may immediately disconnect service to the premises under Section 17 until the safety hazard has been resolved to the satisfaction of the PUD. In such instances, the PUD shall, in its sole discretion, require the Customer at its expense to create a Point of Delivery location at the Customer’s property line where access to PUD equipment and facilities is available to Employees in the normal course of their work.