5. Interruption of Electric Service

5.1  Electric Service by its nature is subject to periodic disruption. The PUD shall not be liable to any Customer or to any third party for direct, indirect, or consequential damages, lost profits, or claim of damage attributable to any interruption, fluctuation, outage, change in voltage, or other firm power disturbance, nor will any interruption constitute a breach of agreement for Electric Service. Should PUD’s power supply be insufficient for any reason to service its entire system or any portion thereof, the PUD may, at its option and in its discretion, allocate its power in the best interests of all its Customers without incurring liability to any particular Customer. The PUD further reserves the right to reduce the supply of power to its Customers due to curtailment or proration requirements of governmental regulations or power suppliers without incurring any liability.

5.2  The PUD shall not be liable for any injury, property damage, loss, or damage resulting from power outages for any reason, including from storm, lightning, system failure, trees, vehicle accidents, low voltage, voltage spikes (power surges), or single phasing.

5.3  The PUD may interrupt Electric Service to any Customer, without notification, for the protection of life or property, for making repairs, changes, or improvements in any part of its system for the general good of the service or safety of the public, or when in the PUD’s sole judgment such interruption will prevent or alleviate a condition that jeopardizes the integrity of the PUD system, or will generally aid in the restoration of service.

5.4  Customers should attempt to determine if an outage is due to their equipment before calling the PUD. If the PUD sends out an Employee at the Customer’s request, and the PUD determines that the Customer’s equipment is at fault, a fee may be charged for the trouble call in accordance with Rate Schedule 90 – Miscellaneous Charges and Fees.