34. Net Metering

34.1  The PUD may enter into a Net Metering and Interconnection Agreement with a Customer who owns and operates a Net Metering Facility with a generating nameplate capacity of not more than specified in Rate Schedule 97. The Customer must sign and abide by a PUD Net Metering and Interconnection Agreement.

34.2  The Net Metering Facility must be located on the Customer’s property.

34.3  The Customer shall be responsible for the design and installation of the Net Metering Facility, including engineering, design, permits, installation, and wiring. The Customer shall also be responsible for the costs of meeting the PUD’s interconnection requirements as outlined in the Net Metering and Interconnection Agreement.

34.4  The Customer shall not operate the Net Metering Facility until they receive a signed Net Metering Certificate of Completion from the PUD.

34.5  The Customer shall maintain the Net Metering Facility in a safe operating condition. The PUD may disconnect the Net Metering Facility any time the PUD deems the Net Metering Facility adversely affects the safety of PUD Employees or the reliability and power quality of the PUD’s electric system.

34.6  The PUD may limit the cumulative generating capacity of all Net Metering systems to one-half of one percent (0.5%) of its historic single-hour peak load.

34.7  The PUD shall install bi-directional metering equipment that is capable of registering the flow of electricity in each direction at the sole expense of the PUD. The PUD shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for permitting or continuing to allow the connection or operation of a Net Metering Facility, or for the acts or omissions of a Customer that cause property damage, loss, or injury, including death, to any third party.