26. Modification or Relocation of Facilities

26.1 The modification, upgrade, relocation, or conversion of overhead facilities to underground, at the Customer’s request, will be reviewed by the PUD on a case by case basis. In the event the PUD is willing, in its sole discretion, to grant the Customer’s request, the Customer will be responsible for the cost for the new construction, the removal costs of the existing facilities, and the remaining life value of the existing facilities minus a depreciation credit based upon the age of the facilities being replaced. The Customer shall pay the Estimated Cost of Service before construction activities begin.

26.2 The Customer shall provide and install, at no cost to the PUD and in accordance with PUD specifications, all necessary trenching, backfilling, compaction, site restoration, conduit, vaults, permitting, and any other requirements to complete construction for underground service. All work performed by the Customer must meet all applicable codes, regulations, and PUD specifications. The cost of inspection shall be borne by the Customer.

26.3 The Customer will convert their Electric Service equipment to accept an underground service if applicable.