21. Disputes, Complaints, and Appeals

21.1  Customers who wish to dispute a bill or lodge a complaint may request that the PUD review their bill, charges, or service concerns. This does not apply to insurance liability claims that have been denied.

21.2  In the event the Employee initially receiving the dispute/complaint is unable to reach a resolution with the Customer, the Customer may request that the dispute/complaint be referred to a supervisor or manager. All referred disputes/complaints shall be documented showing name, phone number, address of the Customer, date of incident, nature of dispute, and action taken to date.

21.3  Should the supervisor or manager be unable to resolve the dispute/complaint to the Customer’s satisfaction, the Customer may ask to initiate the Disputes, Complaints, and Appeals process which may result in an appeal to an ad-hoc Customer Assistance Committee.

21.4  Dispute, Complaints, and Appeals Process 

  • 21.4.1  Should the Customer decide to take their dispute/complaint to the Customer Assistance Committee, the Customer will be asked to make a request for assistance in writing and to provide a summary of the dispute.
  • 21.4.2  The role of the Customer Assistance Committee is to assist the Customer and the PUD in reaching a timely resolution of the dispute/complaint. The Committee will be comprised of:
    •  The member of the Board from the sub-division where the Customer’s service address is located.
    •  The PUD manager or supervisor of the department involved in the dispute/complaint.
    •  A PUD-appointed record keeper.
    •  One (1) Customer-At-Large from the same class of service as the Customer.

21.5  A dispute/complaint appeals hearing will be scheduled within ten (10) business days of receipt of the written request from the Customer to convene the Customer Assistance Committee. Attorneys and paralegals are excluded from appearing or participating in the Customer Assistance Committee hearing.

21.6  The recommendation and/or action from the Customer Assistance Committee will be reported to the Board at their next regularly scheduled meeting. Any Customer Assistance Committee resolution that deviates from Board policy shall be approved by the Board. The Customer is encouraged to attend the Board of Director’s meeting to hear the final resolution of the dispute/complaint.