17. Disconnection of Electric Service

17.1  The PUD may disconnect Electric Service for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  • 17.1.1  If the provision of Electric Service to any Customer or facility is unlawful or otherwise prohibited by governmental, enforcement, or judicial action.  If the PUD terminates under this section, all unpaid costs reasonably incurred by the PUD to provide service to the Customer shall become due and payable immediately upon the effective date of such termination.  Further, the Customer shall indemnify and hold the PUD harmless for any and all costs related to the provision and termination of the electrical service, including the costs of defense in any governmental, enforcement, or judicial matter.
  • 17.1.2  Failing to pay a deposit or to make payments in accordance with the terms of any deposit or payment arrangement.
  • 17.1.3  Providing false identification or verification of identity.
  • 17.1.4  Failing to pay for services rendered; tampering with PUD meters, connections, or other equipment; diverting service; or committing fraud or theft of Electric Service. Should any meter be found reconnected by someone other than authorized PUD personnel, Electric Service may be disconnected immediately without notification to the Customer.
  • 17.1.5  The Customer’s facilities are deemed unsafe, or are in violation of state, municipal, or NESC codes, or the Customer’s metering equipment has not been properly relocated or inspected following a thirty (30) day written notice.
  • 17.1.6  The Customer does not cooperate in providing the PUD reasonable access to the meter or other service equipment.
  • 17.1.7  The Customer requests the PUD to disconnect service or close their account.
  • 17.1.8  Failing to abide by the terms of any payment agreements or Special Contracts.
  • 17.1.9  When dangerous, emergency, or high-risk conditions exist at the Customer’s premises.
  • 17.1.10 Where the PUD has determined that the Customer is being served at an inappropriate level of service   for the equipment installed or for the Customer’s current Electric Service usage.

17.2  Written notice will generally be given to the Customer at least fifteen (15) days before disconnection of Electric Service, except in cases of failure to establish credit, unauthorized use of Electric Service, theft or fraud, or unsafe conditions in which case the PUD may disconnect Electric Service without notice.

  • 17.2.1  The PUD may present the fifteen (15)-day notice of disconnection on the Customer’s monthly billing statement, serve it in person, or send it by first-class mail to the last known address of the Customer. Notification is complete on the date of mailing or personal delivery.
  • 17.2.2  At least five (5) business days before the proposed disconnection date, the PUD will make a reasonable attempt to telephone, mail, or deliver a final disconnection notice to the Customer. The final notice will inform the Customer that Electric Service will be disconnected on or after a specific date and will explain alternatives and payment assistance that might be available.
  • 17.2.3  Immediately before disconnecting Electric Service, the PUD will make a good faith effort to contact the Customer. Meters with remote disconnect switches may be used to connect and disconnect Electric Service remotely from the PUD office. The PUD will attempt to contact Customers with remote disconnect switches instead of visiting the Customer’s service location prior to disconnection of Electric Service.
  • 17.2.4  If contact is not made, the PUD will leave a notice in a conspicuous place informing the Customer that Electric Service has been disconnected and a collection fee will be charged in accordance with Rate Schedule 90 – Miscellaneous Charges and Fees. Customers with remote disconnect switches will not receive a notice at their physical service address upon disconnection of Electric Service.

17.3  To the extent reasonably possible, Electric Service will not usually be disconnected for nonpayment on or the day prior to a weekend or PUD recognized holiday.