14. Payment of Utility Bills

14.1 All bills shall become due and payable on or before fifteen (15) days from date of issuance unless otherwise specified on the bill.

14.2 To be eligible for the Budget Pay Plan, the Customer’s account must have a zero ($0) balance at the time of set up and have at least twelve (12) months of usage history. The monthly Budget Pay amount will be determined by averaging the actual amount of Energy used during the previous twelve (12) months. This Budget Pay amount shall be reviewed and recalculated periodically to keep Budget Pay payments in line with actual Customer usage. If one (1) payment is received late from a Customer on the Budget Pay Plan, the Customer may automatically be removed from the Budget Pay Plan.

14.3 Customers may make payments in the office, by mail, by telephone, online, or at any PUD payment drop box. Automated payment services are also available to assist Customers in making payments including, Bank Draft (automatic bank deduction from the Customer’s checking or savings account) and Auto Pay (automatic payments using a VISA, MasterCard, or other credit/debit card accepted by the PUD).

14.4 Financial assistance programs such as the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), administered by the Community Action Team in St. Helens, Oregon, and the Neighbor’s GLOW (Give Light, Offer Warmth) Program, administered by the PUD, may provide financial assistance to qualified Customers who need help paying their Energy bills.

14.5 Customers submitting a medical certificate are not excused from paying their electric bills.

14.6 Time-Payment Agreement

  • 14.6.1 In its sole discretion, the PUD may not disconnect residential service for nonpayment if a Customer enters into a written and signed time-payment agreement.
  • 14.6.2 The amount to be entered into the time-payment agreement will be payable over a twelve (12) month period, with the first month due upon signing. Each month thereafter will be included and payable with the current charges due for utility service.
    • The utility shall review the monthly installment plan periodically. If needed, the installment amount may be adjusted to bring the account into balance.
    • If a Customer moves to a different service address within the PUD’s service territory, at any time during the period of a time-payment plan, the plan shall continue. However, the Customer must pay any past-due charges and all other applicable charges before the PUD provides service at the new address.
    • If a Customer closes their PUD account, the balance of the agreement will be due in full within fifteen (15) days.