13. Meter Reading and Billing Period

13.1  Meters shall, as nearly as possible, be read on the same cycle date each month, but because of weekends, holidays, and differences in the lengths of calendar months, a variation in reading and Billing Periods may occur.

13.2  The PUD reserves the right to bill for a lesser or longer period than the normal monthly interval. If it is not practical to obtain an actual meter reading, billing may be based on estimated readings and subject to later correction.

13.3  Billing statements shall be forwarded by U.S. mail to the Customer’s last mailing address as provided by the Customer. Customers signed up for paperless billing will receive an email notification when their bill is available for review on the PUD’s Account Online website.

13.4  If a meter has stopped registering, or otherwise fails to correctly register Energy usage, the PUD will render a bill based on an estimate of the amount of Energy supplied by using the best available information.