12. Deposits

12.1  In its sole discretion, the PUD may require at any time a deposit as a guarantee of performance by the Customer. The amount of a deposit is included in Rate Schedule 90 – Miscellaneous Charges and Fees. Deposits collected may be refunded to the Customer’s account after the Customer establishes an appropriate credit history of twenty-four (24) consecutive months of satisfactory payment history beginning once the deposit is paid in full. The PUD periodically reviews Electric Accounts for satisfactory payment history; at any time a deposit or an additional deposit may be used to satisfy a past due amount on a Customer’s Electric Account if the payment history is not satisfactory. In such event the Customer may be required to provide an additional deposit.

12.2  All Customers who sign up for Electric Service may have their credit report reviewed. If the Customer’s credit report rating is acceptable, the deposit may be waived for residential accounts, which shall be determined in the PUD’s sole discretion. The deposit may be reduced for residential accounts if the Customer signs up for Bank Draft (automatic bank deduction from the Customer’s checking or savings account) or Auto Pay (automatic payments using a VISA, Mastercard, or other credit/debit card accepted by the PUD). Should a Customer refuse to provide a Social Security number for data verification, the Customer shall be required to sign up in person at the PUD office, show valid identification, and pay a deposit.

12.3  If a deposit is required, the Customer may be required to pay the deposit in full at the time of setting up Electric Service. Failure to pay the required deposit may result in immediate disconnection of Electric Service, or prevent reconnection of an Electric Service that has been disconnected, pursuant to Section 17.

12.4  Should the Customer terminate service, the deposit will be applied against the closing bill and/or refunded as appropriate. Deposit refunds shall be applied to the Customer’s account unless otherwise requested by the Customer. Refunds of closing balances or deposits will be refunded in a check payable to all listed Customer(s) on the account and shall be forwarded by U.S. mail to the Customer’s last mailing address as provided by the Customer. Any funds unclaimed by the Customer after termination of services shall be submitted to the State of Oregon as unclaimed property.