Schedule 97 – Avoided Cost Energy Rate

Effective for all bills rendered after January 1, 2020


To residential and general service/commercial Customers who have installed qualifying generating equipment and have entered into a Net-Metering Interconnection Agreement with the PUD pursuant to ORS 757.300.

Net metering measures the difference between the Electricity supplied by the PUD and the Electricity generated by a Customer-generator that is fed back to the PUD. Net-metered generation is supplied to the PUD from a Customer that has operated an interconnected power production facility using solar, wind, fuel cells, hydroelectric, digester gas, or waste, or other qualifying facility as identified the PUD’s Net-Metering Interconnection Agreement, where the generating nameplate capacity is 25 KW or less for residential Customers and 199 KW or less for General Service/Commercial Customers.

Character of Service

Sixty hertz alternating current at such phases and voltage as the PUD may have available.

Monthly Rate

Avoided Cost Energy Credit, for all kWhs –  3.838¢ per kWh

Monthly Charge

The Customer-generator shall pay all monthly charges (including the Base Charge, Energy Charge, Demand Charge, and Power Factor Charge) as applicable in accordance with the applicable Rate Schedule and will receive either an annual or monthly kWh credit, at CRPUD’s discretion, as described below. The accumulated Net Metering energy credit for the net excess kWh Energy will be applied to the Customer’s bill either monthly or annually, at CRPUD’s discretion, based on the annual Avoided Cost Energy Credit Rate.

Each separately metered Qualifying Facility (QF) not associated with a retail Customer account will be charged the Base Charge applicable to their Rate Schedule.

Basis For Power Purchase Price

The power purchase rates are based on the PUD’s Avoided Costs. Avoided Costs are defined in 18 CFR 292.101(6) as “The incremental costs to an electric utility of electric energy or capacity or both which, but for the purchase from the qualifying facility or qualifying facilities, such utility would generate itself or purchase from another source.”

The PUD’s Avoided Cost is based on the forecasted BPA PF wholesale power rate annualized for the current BPA fiscal year ending September 30.

Pricing Options

Pricing represents the purchase price per kWh the PUD will pay for all electricity delivered to a Point of Delivery within the PUD’s service territory pursuant to a Net-Metering Interconnection Agreement, including any Energy delivered in excess of the nameplate rating.

Other Charges and Conditions

All other charges and conditions shall be pursuant to the General Terms, Conditions, Rules, and Regulations for Electric Service and the Net-Metering Interconnection Agreement (PDF File, 50kb).