Schedule 92 – Power Factor Rate

Effective for all bills rendered after October 1, 2011


To all customers who are being billed under a Rate Schedule which makes reference to Rate Schedule 92 and whose Average Monthly Power Factor is below 95%, lagging.

Character of Service

A. Unless specifically otherwise agreed, the PUD shall not be obligated to deliver electricity to the Customer at any time at an Average Monthly Power Factor below 80%, lagging.

B. The Average Monthly Power Factor is determined as follows:

C. Customers who install new or enlarged electric processing furnaces shall also install static var generators for flicker control and power factor correction for the entire furnace load. The generators shall:

  • a. Have one-half cycle response time and independent phase control.
  • b. Supply sufficient reactive power to prevent objectionable flicker at the common connection point of the furnace with other PUD Customers.
  • c. Maintain a minimum power factor of 95%.
  • d. Be filtered to limit the total harmonic current to no more than 2.5% of the fundamental current.

Monthly Rate

The Average Monthly Power Factor charge shall be added to the monthly bill as determined above and by the applicable rate schedule. To calculate the Average Monthly Power Factor charge, the PUD shall increase the billing demand by one percentage point for each percentage point or fraction thereof by which the average lagging power factor is below 95%.