Schedule 30 – Primary Voltage Service

Effective for all bills rendered after October 1, 2019


To large commercial and industrial Customers which take delivery from the PUD’s primary distribution voltage and whose peak demand will exceed 500 kW at least once during 13 continuous months of service.

The Customer will be responsible for the maintenance, repair, and replacement for all primary voltage facilities beyond the Point of Delivery except meters, instrument transformers, and their related wiring.

Character of Service

Sixty hertz alternating current, three-phase, 12,470/7,200 grounded wye volts.

Monthly Rate

Base Charge: $100.00

Energy Charge
For all kWhs –  4.40¢ per kWh

Demand Charge: $7.44 per kW

On-Peak Period: 30-minute fixed intervals from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, excluding Sundays, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Minimum Monthly Charge

The Base Charge shall be no less than the Demand Charge times 500 kW or as specified in a separate contract. The Customer’s billing may revert to Rate Schedule 24 if the Customer fails to maintain the Applicability requirements for this Rate Schedule 30.

BPA Power Cost Adjustments

All applicable BPA Power Cost Adjustment charges per Rate Schedule 94 shall apply to all kWhs billed to Customers under this Rate Schedule.

Average Power Factor Charge

In addition to the Energy and Demand Charges, the Customer shall pay an Average Power Factor Charge as determined in Rate Schedule 92.


Normally, metering will be installed on the primary voltage side of the transformers. The billed energy will be adjusted by applying a loss factor or the actual cost of losses to the bill, should the metering be installed otherwise.

Other Charges and Conditions

All other charges and conditions shall be pursuant to the applicable power sales contract and the General Terms, Conditions, Rules, and Regulations for Electric Service.