Schedule 22 – General Service – Non-Profit

Effective for all bills rendered after October 1, 2019


To non-profit and non-governmental Customers whose service entrance requirements are single-phase, 400 amp or less.

Character of Service

Sixty hertz alternating current at 120/240 volts single-phase.

Monthly Rate

Base Charge: $15.00

Energy Charge:
Up to 4,999 kWhs – 7.19¢ per kWh
5,000 kWhs and over – 7.60¢ per kWh

Demand Charge: None

Minimum Monthly Charge

The Base Charge shall be the minimum charge for each meter, except that a higher minimum may be specified in accordance with the PUD’s General Terms, Conditions, Rules, and Regulations for Electric Service.

BPA Power Cost Adjustments

All applicable BPA Power Cost Adjustment charges per Rate Schedule 94 shall apply to all kWhs billed to Customers under this Rate Schedule.

Other Charges and Conditions

All other charges and conditions shall be pursuant to the General Terms, Conditions, Rules and Regulations for Electric Service.