Spring Finalists

A 1957 International pickup has lots of colorful flowers growing out of it.
1957 International
An Anna's Hummingbird sips nectar from a Red Hot Poker plant.
Anna’s Hummingbird Sips From Red Hot Poker
Pink cherry blossoms.
A lagoon with trees lining the banks at sunrise.
Lagoon At Sunrise
A mallard hen and her ducklings swim in the water.
Mallard Hen and Family
The Ruth Rose Richardson Memorial Park sign with the Columbia River and Mount St. Helens in the background.
Parks Along The Columbia
A hummingbird approaches a red flower.
Red Flowers and Hummingbird
An osprey perched upon its nest on a river piling with a large ship in the background.
The River
A fledgling inside a birdhouse is fed by a sparrow.
Sparrow Feeding Fledgling