7. Customer Responsibility for PUD Property

7.1 The Customer shall exercise due care and diligence to prevent damage to PUD equipment located on the Customer’s property including meters, test equipment, transformers, services, connections, and any other PUD-owned equipment. The Customer shall not place or permit the placement of any building, structure, trees, or shrubs within the PUD’s right-of-way, change the grade, or undertake other activity that might interfere with the proper operation and maintenance of PUD facilities. The Customer is responsible for contacting the PUD prior to performing any work near PUD equipment.

7.2 In the event any PUD equipment or facilities are damaged by the Customer, the Customer’s guest agent, or an unknown party, the Customer shall be responsible to reimburse the PUD for the cost of any repairs or replacement.

  • 7.2.1 In the event PUD equipment or facilities have been damaged where no electric account has been established, the costs of repairs and/or replacement, according to Rate Schedule 90, will be considered the responsibility of the property owner and due in full prior to electric service being restored.
  • 7.2.2 If electric service is reconnected without PUD authorization, the current Customer will be responsible for all inspection, repair and replacement costs according to Rate Schedule 90. If there is not a current Customer on record, the property owner shall become the responsible party for all amounts due.

7.3 The Customer shall not place or permit the placement of any building or structure on top of the PUD’s underground facilities or underneath the PUD’s overhead facilities.