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The Power Lines newsletter is sent with your electric bill. It contains information about our programs & rates, safety & outage tips, and more.

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2016 Calendar Special Edition

  • How Crews Restore Power in Severe Outages
  • Major Storm Dos & Don’ts from Our Line Crew
  • Life Support Notice
  • Message from the Interim GM

November 2016

  • How We Restore Your Power
  • Congratulations to Go Bag giveaway winners
  • What You Should Do if the Power’s Out
  • Heat Pump Rebates Change in 2017

July 2016

  • Save money with ductless system
  • Heat pump water heater can cut costs
  • Quilt raffle benefits GLOW program
  • Water-saving tips
  • Save time with paperless billing

2016 Mid-Year Update

  • A message from the Interim GM
  • Keeping our budget on the right track
  • Continuing to provide safe, reliable service
  • Rebate program reduces energy spending
  • Energy education in our schools

June 2016

  • Coloring contest winners
  • Fridge, freezer rebates ending
  • Ductless heat pump rebate changing
  • Don’t fall for scam calls
  • Dams produce 90% of our renewable energy

May 2016

  • Summer cooling options
  • Appliance rebates changing
  • Ductless heat pump rebate changing
  • Home efficiency rebate options
  • Calendar photo contest
  • Outdoor electrical safety tips

April 2016

  • Loan programs for home efficiency improvements
  • Please drive carefully in work zones
  • John Nguyen is our 2015 employee of the year
  • Extra savings on heat pump water heaters
  • Please don’t attach anything to our poles

March 2016

  • PUD to receive FEMA storm reimbursement
  • Heating system upgrades for low-income customers
  • Should you report momentary outages?
  • My Fair Lady Pageant accepting nominations
  • Call before you dig

February 2016

  • Calendar photo contest
  • Pay stations changing
  • Utility engineering internship
  • How weather affects your bill
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Budget Pay plans
  • GenerLink Transfer Switches

January 2016

  • Board approves balanced budget for 2016
  • Annual audit underway
  • Tips for  staying comfortable & cutting energy waste
  • PUD employees raise $10k for United Way
  • Ductless heat pumps: Affordable, year-round comfort
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