Independent Survey Shows High Morale Among PUD Employees

March 16, 2016 – Columbia River PUD employees have high morale and high job satisfaction, according to a recent survey conducted by Acti-Dyne Survey Research of St. Helens, Oregon.

Bruce Shoemaker of Acti-Dyne presented the results of the survey to the PUD’s Board of Directors at the Board’s March 15, 2016, public meeting.

The survey asked employees to rate their agreement to a set of 30 statements about job satisfaction, the work environment, communication, and compensation. A score of 0 represented complete disagreement with the statement; a score of 10 represented complete agreement. All statements had a mean score above 7. Shoemaker said the responses scored higher than he has seen in similar surveys he has completed for other companies.

“These are some of the highest scores I have seen on an internal survey,” he said. “Usually you see a little more strife.”

The overall average score for the survey was 8.42. The average ratings by section were as follows:

  • Job satisfaction 8.5
  • Work Environment 8.3
  • Communication 8.2
  • Compensation 9.2

According to Shoemaker, every PUD employee except Interim General Manager John Nguyen was sent an individual link to the survey. Every employee completed the survey and rated every statement. No demographic information or open-ended questions were included in order to keep the responses completely anonymous and to prevent anyone from being able to identify individual responses.

The three highest scoring items related to total compensation, pay, and employee commitment to the PUD. Those statements were rated between 9.37 and 9.24.

The three lowest scoring items related to communication between peers, teamwork across the organization, and upward communication from employees to managers. Those statements were rated between 7.27 and 7.61.

Shoemaker emphasized that even the lowest scoring items had good mean scores. “The bar is already set high,” he said. “Anything you address here would bring you closer to having 10’s across the board.”

The complete survey results are available online at