EV Level 2 Charger Rebate Doubles

A white electric vehicle is plugged in to a charger.Our Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate has doubled! As of September 30, Columbia County was home to 249 electric vehicles (EVs), according to the latest available data from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Of these EVs, 217 are registered in our service territory.

To assist our customers in fueling their EVs, we are offering a $100 rebate for the installation of a new Level 2 (240-volt) EV charger. The charger must be installed at the address of a current Columbia River PUD customer.

If you have questions about the $100 rebate, please download the application form or contact Energy Services & Facilities Manager Tim Lammers at (503) 397-8155 or send him an email. If you would like to learn more about EVs in general, visit our EV page.