General Information

Information and processes for acquiring new electrical service from the PUD.

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Fill out a load data sheet. You can find a copy of the residential load construction sheet and one for commercial load construction sheet.
  2. Mail or deliver a copy of your site plan to the PUD Engineering Department. One of the PUD’s Engineering Technicians will review your site plan and contact you to arrange a site visit.
  3. Send in your application for a County Electrical Permit to St. Helens Land Development Services office with the required fee. A copy of your building permit or permit number must accompany the County Electrical Permit.
  4. A PUD Engineering Technician will visit your site and then design a new electrical service for you. The technician will mail you a letter explaining what is required and what it will cost, along with paperwork for you to fill out.
  5. Complete the PUD paperwork and return it to the Engineering Department, along with payment for your new electrical service.
  6. You may request a temporary electric service be installed so you have power during construction. A metered temporary service drop costs $160. A premium temporary service drop costs $430. Please allow up to five business days for your temporary service to be installed.
  7. Trenching
    1. If you are installing an underground service, Oregon law requires you to contact the Oregon Utility Notification Center at least 48 business hours before you dig. Their number is 8-1-1.
    2. The PUD will also need to inspect your trench and conduit before you fill it in. Please call the Engineering Department at (503) 397-0760 at least five days before you need the inspection so we can schedule appropriately.
  8. Notify the PUD Engineering Department once you receive a green tag of approval from the County Electrical Inspector. A green tag of approval must be on the meter base before your permanent electrical service will be installed. Please allow up to five business days so we can schedule appropriately.

Oregon Electrical Code

Visit the state of Oregon’s website to see the state’s electrical code and the state’s building codes.

For More Information

Contact the Engineering Department at (503) 397-0760 or