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New Construction Lighting Program for Commercial Customers

Information about rebates available for energy efficiency lighting in new commercial facilities.

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The new construction lighting program helps owners and leaseholders of new commercial and industrial facilities install more efficient light fixtures than are required by code.

The program offers cash incentives for installing approved energy-efficient lighting equipment. Material specifications and requirements are provided to ensure energy efficiency.

Eligible Customers

New commercial and industrial facilities served by the PUD.

Program Requirements

  • Projects must result in at least a 20% reduction in wattage over code requirements.
  • Cash incentives cannot exceed 70% of the actual cost of the energy-saving measures.

Project Steps

  1. Contact our Energy Experts to discuss your new construction project.  For each affected area, we will need to know: the square footage, the quantity and type of fixtures to be installed, the planned usage, the hours of operation, and the type of space heat.
  2. Our Energy Experts will input this information into Bonneville Power Administration’s Commercial & Industrial Lighting Calculator to determine if the project will be eligible for a PUD rebate.  If it is eligible we will send you an agreement to sign before the project commences.
  3. Proceed with construction, and notify our Energy Experts upon completion.  We will perform a final quality assurance inspection.
  4. Upon completion of a satisfactory final inspection we will process your rebate.

Rebate Amounts

The rebate amount is based on the type of fixture or sensor selected.  The incentive is paid per unit and ranges from $10 to $50. Contact our Energy Experts at (503) 366-5470 or for detailed information on rebate amounts.