Choice Energy Solar Power

Commercial customers can earn rebates for the installation of solar photo-voltaic and solar water heating systems.

Photo of solar panels on a roofBuild your own clean power plant.  Generate clean renewable energy by installing a solar electric or water heating system for your business. Investing in solar energy lowers your energy costs, while demonstrating your commitment to a better environmental future.

Our Choice Energy Solar program offers guidance, financial incentives and contractor lists for qualifying solar hot water and electricity systems.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a PUD customer.
  • The PUD must pre-approve all projects prior to installation.
  • All systems must be tied to the electric grid and net metered.
  • Systems must be installed by a qualified Oregon Department of Energy solar contractor. Self-installed systems do not qualify.
  • Systems must be new. Expansions to existing solar systems are not eligible.

Solar Electric Incentives

We offer two incentive levels for solar electric systems.  Stand-alone systems qualify for a higher incentive amount.  Systems that are installed as part of a group buying program, called a “Solarize” community, qualify for a lower incentive.

PUD Incentive - Not in a "Solarize" Community - $1.00/watt, up to $3,500 based on rated capacity of solar panels, in watts.

PUD Incentive - In a "Solarize" Community - $0.75/watt, up to $2,100 based on rated capacity of solar panels, in watts.

Solar Water Heating Incentives

PUD Incentive - $600 per qualified electric/solar water heating system. 

Tax Credits

Tax credits may be available. Consult your tax advisor for rules regarding tax credits.

State Tax Credits - For more information on the State of Oregon Residential Energy Tax please visit www.oregon.gove/energy. 

Federal Tax Credits - For more information on Federal Tax Credits please visit

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To learn more about Choice Energy Solar, contact Tim Lammers at or (503) 397-1855.