Choice Energy Solar Rebates

Columbia River PUD offers rebates, expert help and contractor lists for solar hot water and solar electric systems in St. Helens, Scappoose, Columbia County, Oregon.

Solar Panels on the roof of a houseDid you know? You can use your roof to generate electricity or to heat water for showers and laundry.  Installing a solar system on your roof continues a great Northwest tradition - renewable energy.

Columbia River PUD's Choice Energy Solar Program offers guidance, financial incentives and contractor lists for qualifying solar water heating and solar electricity systems.

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Estimate Solar System Cost & Payback Time

Curious what a solar system might cost, or what the payback time might be?  This website can help you calculate those figures:  Note: The PUD's residential electric rate is $0.064/kWh, so be sure to use that figure instead of the default rate in the form. 

PUD Solar Rebates - Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a PUD customer.
  • The PUD must pre-approve all projects prior to installation.
  • All systems must be tied to the electric grid and net metered.
  • Systems must be installed by a qualified Oregon Department of Energy Solar Contractor.
  • Self-installed systems do not qualify
  • Systems must be new. 

PUD Solar Electric System Rebates

We offer two rebate levels for solar electric systems.  Stand-alone systems qualify for a higher rebate.  Systems that are installed as part of a group buying program, called a “Solarize” community, qualify for a lower rebate.

PUD Rebate - Not in a "Solarize" Community - $1.50/watt, up to $3,500 based on rated capacity of solar panels, in watts.

PUD Rebate - In a "Solarize" Community - $1.00/watt, up to $2,100 based on rated capacity of solar panels, in watts. 

PUD Solar Water Heating Rebates

$600 per qualified electric/solar water heating system. 

Tax Credits

Tax credits may be available. Consult your tax advisor for rules regarding tax credits.

State Tax Credits - For more information on the State of Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credits please visit www.oregon.gove/energy

Federal Tax Credits - For more information on Federal Tax Credits please visit

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To learn more about Choice Energy Solar, contact Tim Lammers at (503) 397-8155 or

SHHS Solar Project

SHHS Solar Panel Installation Party

In partnership with the PUD and Bonneville Environmental Foundation, St. Helens High School has installed a 1.1 kilowatt solar electric system.  The project educates students and teachers about the functions and benefits of solar electric power while providing clean energy to help offset a portion of the school's electric use.

Learn more about the SHHS Solar Project

See live data on the SHHS solar panel's electricity output