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    High Bill Concerns

    High Bill Concerns

    Common causes of and solutions to high bill issues.

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    Reduce Your Energy Use During Peak Times

    You can help the PUD keep wholesale power costs affordable by reducing your electric usage during peak times and shifting your energy use to non-peak times.

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    Simple Tips for Staying Cool & Saving Energy

    Tips for staying cool in the summer and save energy all year long.

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    How does cold weather affect your bill?

    The amount of energy required to heat your home increases when temperatures drop. The bigger the difference between the temperature outside and the thermostat setting inside, the harder your heating system will work and the more energy it will use, even if you don’t turn the thermostat higher. Get tips for controlling your energy costs when temperatures drop.

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    Cold Weather Bill FAQs

    Answers to questions about why bills are higher in the cold winter months

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    Tips for Reducing Your Peak Energy Usage

    Follow these tips to reduce your energy usage during peak hours.

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    High Bill Concerns for Commercial Customers

    Get Expert help diagnosing and fixing high bills at your facility.

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